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There is so much more to a web site design…………….

Every day hundreds of new websites are posted. Many of them are “homemade”: a pre-designed business website in which you add your own basic information and it’s all done. Another group finds a “web designer”, someone who knows how to put together the necessary pages to hold your information. The final result, in both cases, is a finished web site which in most cases is never seen by a real live customer.

In today’s business “marketing world” the internet dominates. Websites, blogs and social media need to be interconnected with the message that a business wants to convey. Print media should also be coordinated to convey the same message. Saying how great you are is not the right message to convey. Your personality has to show through which should include your vision.

Content must talk about how your company stands out from competing business. In other words, what makes you different. A question we ask is: What do you want people to come away with when they visit your site or read your blog or read your profile on social media?

Adding your beliefs, vision, and values and carefully interweaving them into content, pictures and graphics, requires a different expertise. This “branding” process continues in everything you do from internal systems, customer relations, product/service delivery and in every other portion of your business.

This is the foundation or building block upon which your business is built. I know only a few people that can put these components together as well as possess the overall business expertise to implement them. I am blessed to have such a person on my team.

My expertise is the design and implementation of the necessary business components, including identifying target markets, designing strategies, looking at finances and business structure and the always indispensable accountability factor.

Don’t overlook this often missed, but extremely critical, component necessary to grow a profitable and sustainable business. Investing in and maintaining a constant relationship with a system branding expert is the best advice I can offer. Because this profession is in its infancy, there are only a handful of people that can be called leaders in this field.

Become a leader in your field by providing your customers with not only an insight into your vision, beliefs and values but with the unique value proposition that will help them achieve their own dreams.

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