Doing whatever it takes…………

Growing a business is not an easy undertaking. There are many times when the task that needs to be done takes us out of our comfort zone. Until a business moves into its second “growth stage”, the business founder is still responsible and often the hands-on doer of everything that needs to be done. That may include some of the most terrifying requirements which include “in-person marketing”, another word for some form of “cold calling.” There are many reasons why we currently … [Read more...]

Growing and idea is all about…Connections…Frequency….Understanding

I am sure that everyone has had at least one if not many “brilliant” ideas. Some of these ideas can be even more powerful than the story of APPLE. The difference is that no one know about them. For ideas to grow and possibly reach maturity, they require the following: Connection:  The more people you can share your idea with, the more influential it can become. In today’s world there are many avenues through which to share your idea. Certainly personal contact with your friends, … [Read more...]

The secret to small business success is…………….

For years the word differentiation was touted as the solution to growth. We were told that if we wanted to achieve business success we had to offer something different. This position is flawed! To begin with, differentiation is very expensive, it takes a lot of time and, unfortunately, it can be quickly copied by someone else. A good example is the touchscreen technology that Apple introduced to the cell phone market. It was a point of differentiation, but now it is a standard feature on most … [Read more...]

Everything is marketing….Marketing is everything…

Marketing is one of the most important things that a small business owner has to understand in order to grow a successful business. I want to dispel a very large misconception that exists relative to marketing a small business. You don’t have to have a large budget to implement a successful marketing program; you have to, however, understand all that marketing encompasses. Perhaps the best way to illustrate my point is with an example. I took my car into a small auto repair shop. I told the … [Read more...]

You can’t transform your business overnight….

Instant gratification is a trait that many small business owners have. When they buy a new service or product they expect positive instant results.  As a business owner I get phone calls, e-mails, and hard copy advertisements promising an instant solution to my problems. The majority of these promises have to do with unbelievable monetary results if I buy their offerings. Let’s face facts, most small business failures are due to a lack of profits. Notice, I said profits, not gross income. … [Read more...]

One of the most valuable assets a small business owner can have…

Asset can be classified in many different ways; the most typical is the financial resources that a business has. Others can include a good product or service as well as a well trained staff. Today I want to visit about an asset that should be at or near the top of the pile, and that is your e-mail list. Technology has opened a new world of possibilities for all businesses. With the power of instant and virtually free communications we are only limited by our own ability to focus on which … [Read more...]