The “CAN” mentality……

Last week I sat with a client who wanted to review his 2016 plan. In presenting his plan the word I heard the most was “CAN’T”. His direction for 2016 was based on the things he felt he could do, not what he wanted to do or was needed. There were a lot of “wishes” which my client felt were beyond his reach. I asked my client to start with a clean sheet and to disregard everything he created thus far for his 2016 plan. The exercise was simple, “if there are no limitations what are … [Read more...]

Build the system first then start a business…………..

The traditional method of starting a business is to identify a product or service then open your business and hope you have the ability to attract customers. The first year is often spent identifying a target market then trying to get your message in front of them. This can also be a very expensive proposition as there are limited buyers for your products  at this stage in your business. To make matters worse you now have to focus on the many facets of growing and maintaining a business, … [Read more...]

Small business survival is based on breaking the status quo……

There is a forgotten segment of the business population that both deserves and needs a lot of support. Statistics tell us that the failure rate among startups is over 80%. Businesses don’t have to fail if they can receive immediately applicable and affordable support in all areas of growing a business. There is an element of trust that is lacking on the part of many small business owners. In many cases their life experiences, when reaching out for support, results in a “sales pitch” for … [Read more...]

Structured Networking is coming of age…………….

Spending an hour with the right person is, in my opinion, worth more than participating in 10 visits (perhaps more) to an open forum networking session. There are two types of networking groups that I recommend. One is a membership organization which has structured meetings. There may be some sharing as to what type of business you are in and perhaps some talk about helping the community. The real value comes from the ability to call a member and request a one- on-one meeting, and that … [Read more...]

What do small business owners really need???????????

I need your help! Several weeks ago I wrote about Pains and Gains in the small business arena. The definitions I shared were as follows: Gains: Gains describe the outcomes and benefits that small business owners want. Examples may include marketing and planning support; budgeting support, etc. Pains: Pains describe anything that annoys a small business owner before, during and after trying to get a job done. As a business owner, I want to hear about your gains and pains. Please … [Read more...]

Critical to Business Success in 2016…………

Success and profitability is still a viable goal in 2016 for most businesses. Our economy is still stumbling along and some pessimists are predicting another recession next year. As I have mentioned before, recession will only affect your business if you let it. An article, last week, in the Wall Street Journal (Friday, November 27) reminded me how important a foundational budget is to business success. In brief, the Article headline read: Big Banks Cut Back on Small Business”. The article … [Read more...]