Small business survival is based on breaking the status quo……

There is a forgotten segment of the business population that both deserves and needs a lot of support. Statistics tell us that the failure rate among startups is over 80%. Businesses don’t have to fail if they can receive immediately applicable and affordable support in all areas of growing a business. There is an element of trust that is lacking on the part of many small business owners. In many cases their life experiences, when reaching out for support, results in a “sales pitch” for … [Read more...]

What do small business owners really need???????????

I need your help! Several weeks ago I wrote about Pains and Gains in the small business arena. The definitions I shared were as follows: Gains: Gains describe the outcomes and benefits that small business owners want. Examples may include marketing and planning support; budgeting support, etc. Pains: Pains describe anything that annoys a small business owner before, during and after trying to get a job done. As a business owner, I want to hear about your gains and pains. Please … [Read more...]

Your business will slow down only if………………

Thanksgiving is only a little over a week away and then the Christmas season is just around the corner. These two holiday “excuses” sometime have a paralyzing effect on small business owners. There is a built in mechanism that sends a message to the brain that says the last one and a half months of the year will be slow. On the contrary, these last six weeks of the year are the ones during which people spend more money than any other time of the year. Business is only as slow as you allow … [Read more...]

It’s all about connecting to make things happen….

In his book “Tribes” Seth Godin described tribes as” a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” The Membership Economy fits that definition. It is a group of small business owners, connected to one another, connected to the idea of achieving profitability and sustainability, and connected under the leadership of a committed, trusted advisor. Tribes have to be compatible. They have to be centered around “faith” – belief in the … [Read more...]

Membership Economy…..

Robbie Baxter defined Membership as “the state of being formally engaged with an organization or group on an ongoing basis.”   He went on to say that “membership provides recognition, stability, and convenience while connecting people to one another. The Membership Economy is all about putting the customer at the center of the business model rather than the product or the transaction. “ As a small business advocate, I believe that there exists a real need for the small business … [Read more...]

Focus your marketing online…….

Taking a look back to the last presidential election, the following statistics were compiled three months prior to the actual vote: Facebook “likes”: Obama, 27 million, Romney, 2 million Twitter followers: Obama, 17 million, Romney, 650,000 Instagram followers: Obama, 1.1 million   Romney, 24,000 You Tube channel views: Obama, 200 million, Romney, 12 million Pinterest followers: Obama, 1.1 million, Romney, no Pinterest page To me, these statistics demonstrate the power of … [Read more...]