How to add membership as a revenue stream…

Most start-ups and existing businesses have the potential to add the membership concept, I have been talking about these last few weeks, as a new revenue stream. The most frequently asked questions is “How fast can I make it part of my business?” The answer is, “It won’t happen overnight.” The development and implementation system I developed is a three month process. It involves weekly meetings with the business owner and or management team. The first meeting is a no-charge, no- … [Read more...]

Can any business be a membership business??????????

Membership enterprises are becoming more and more a “norm” in the business world. This membership phenomenon has become a part of most everything we do. Consider social media, how many people are members of LinkedIn or Twitter? Many of us belong to a civic or fraternal group such as Rotary or the Chamber of Commerce. We shop at a membership based store such as Costco and have a membership in a gym. Membership in Netflix is a good example of a large membership organization. In my opinion, … [Read more...]

It’s all about connecting to make things happen….

In his book “Tribes” Seth Godin described tribes as” a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” The Membership Economy fits that definition. It is a group of small business owners, connected to one another, connected to the idea of achieving profitability and sustainability, and connected under the leadership of a committed, trusted advisor. Tribes have to be compatible. They have to be centered around “faith” – belief in the … [Read more...]

Limitations equal innovation in business…

A phrase I often use with my clients is “don’t tell me why you can’t do it; tell me how you are going to do it”. All business ventures share some type of limitations; in most cases, it is a shortage of working capital. In today’s high tech world I have also heard the excuse; “I am not a techie person, therefore I cannot compete”. The same statement holds true, “don’t tell me what you can’t do; tell me how you are going to get it done.” I mentioned just two limitations; I am … [Read more...]

The mobile revolution

98% of the time I write my blogs from my personal experience with clients and general observations. Today I am going to summarize an article written by Praveen Narra entitled How to succeed in the mobile revolution – adapt or perish. I am making a major transition in my own company to mobile marketing and I thought this might help guide you in your own mobile marketing decisions. “Mobile technology is taking over consumers and business like wild fire. It took nearly 64 years for … [Read more...]

The secret to small business success is…………….

For years the word differentiation was touted as the solution to growth. We were told that if we wanted to achieve business success we had to offer something different. This position is flawed! To begin with, differentiation is very expensive, it takes a lot of time and, unfortunately, it can be quickly copied by someone else. A good example is the touchscreen technology that Apple introduced to the cell phone market. It was a point of differentiation, but now it is a standard feature on most … [Read more...]