The fish bowl business card

I have always been intrigued by the “fish bowl” lead generation system. You go to any kind of a trade show and every booth has a fish bowl asking you to drop a card to have a chance of winning a very valuable prize. I have often wondered if a prize is actually given away or what happens to all those cards. Over the years I have dropped my card in hundreds of fish bowls, but very seldom received anything from the exhibitor. The few I did receive were offers to purchase and since I did not … [Read more...]

Seven Rules for Online Success…….

In today’s economy it’s up to consumers when they want to find someone from whom to buy a product or service. In the “old” days (before the web), dealing with a salesperson was often considered an adversarial relationship. Because of the amount of information on the web, the salesperson no longer controls the situation when a product or service is needed; the web is usually the first place that is searched. The following are my suggestions for online success: With people always … [Read more...]

Build the system first then start a business…………..

The traditional method of starting a business is to identify a product or service then open your business and hope you have the ability to attract customers. The first year is often spent identifying a target market then trying to get your message in front of them. This can also be a very expensive proposition as there are limited buyers for your products  at this stage in your business. To make matters worse you now have to focus on the many facets of growing and maintaining a business, … [Read more...]

Structured Networking is coming of age…………….

Spending an hour with the right person is, in my opinion, worth more than participating in 10 visits (perhaps more) to an open forum networking session. There are two types of networking groups that I recommend. One is a membership organization which has structured meetings. There may be some sharing as to what type of business you are in and perhaps some talk about helping the community. The real value comes from the ability to call a member and request a one- on-one meeting, and that … [Read more...]

Target Marketing …The Gains and Pains

The term “target Market” is used by most businesses to identify who their customer is. Identifying a target market is just the beginning, unfortunately, most businesses stop with a general definition and then they start offering their product or service. Why those products or services are needed is found mostly in the minds of those making the offer. Too many times we think we know what is best for our market place without any research. What is required for a successful marketing … [Read more...]

Your business will slow down only if………………

Thanksgiving is only a little over a week away and then the Christmas season is just around the corner. These two holiday “excuses” sometime have a paralyzing effect on small business owners. There is a built in mechanism that sends a message to the brain that says the last one and a half months of the year will be slow. On the contrary, these last six weeks of the year are the ones during which people spend more money than any other time of the year. Business is only as slow as you allow … [Read more...]