Five things to do for a successful lead generation process….

As the New Year begins we are again full of enthusiasm with visions for a very successful year. 2016 can and should be a great year, but we must stay structured in the lead generation process. The following are five important things to remember. Know your business and your target market: as a business owner you have aspects of your business that are your “motivators”. You also have aspects of your business that differentiate you from your competitors. The combination of these two factors … [Read more...]

Structured Networking is coming of age…………….

Spending an hour with the right person is, in my opinion, worth more than participating in 10 visits (perhaps more) to an open forum networking session. There are two types of networking groups that I recommend. One is a membership organization which has structured meetings. There may be some sharing as to what type of business you are in and perhaps some talk about helping the community. The real value comes from the ability to call a member and request a one- on-one meeting, and that … [Read more...]

It’s all about connecting to make things happen….

In his book “Tribes” Seth Godin described tribes as” a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” The Membership Economy fits that definition. It is a group of small business owners, connected to one another, connected to the idea of achieving profitability and sustainability, and connected under the leadership of a committed, trusted advisor. Tribes have to be compatible. They have to be centered around “faith” – belief in the … [Read more...]

Membership Economy…..

Robbie Baxter defined Membership as “the state of being formally engaged with an organization or group on an ongoing basis.”   He went on to say that “membership provides recognition, stability, and convenience while connecting people to one another. The Membership Economy is all about putting the customer at the center of the business model rather than the product or the transaction. “ As a small business advocate, I believe that there exists a real need for the small business … [Read more...]

Focus your marketing online…….

Taking a look back to the last presidential election, the following statistics were compiled three months prior to the actual vote: Facebook “likes”: Obama, 27 million, Romney, 2 million Twitter followers: Obama, 17 million, Romney, 650,000 Instagram followers: Obama, 1.1 million   Romney, 24,000 You Tube channel views: Obama, 200 million, Romney, 12 million Pinterest followers: Obama, 1.1 million, Romney, no Pinterest page To me, these statistics demonstrate the power of … [Read more...]

Everything is marketing….Marketing is everything…

Marketing is one of the most important things that a small business owner has to understand in order to grow a successful business. I want to dispel a very large misconception that exists relative to marketing a small business. You don’t have to have a large budget to implement a successful marketing program; you have to, however, understand all that marketing encompasses. Perhaps the best way to illustrate my point is with an example. I took my car into a small auto repair shop. I told the … [Read more...]