One of the most valuable assets a small business owner can have…

Asset can be classified in many different ways; the most typical is the financial resources that a business has. Others can include a good product or service as well as a well trained staff. Today I want to visit about an asset that should be at or near the top of the pile, and that is your e-mail list. Technology has opened a new world of possibilities for all businesses. With the power of instant and virtually free communications we are only limited by our own ability to focus on which … [Read more...]

Do what you do best if you want your business to grow…….

Change is occurring faster than ever in every business aspect. For example, social media is a multi-faceted tool and every day a new twist occurs which needs to be addressed. For many small business owners just trying to keep up with the “social media” marketing opportunities can become an almost full time endeavor. The sad part is that unless they are versed in social media marketing the hands on part takes too much time and often is not understood to implement correctly. If your … [Read more...]

There is no such thing as a lack of resources in business….

As a business owner we have to identify what we have that is of value. Don’t waste time having a “pity party”, lamenting the things that you don’t have. Today, identify the one thing that you have that is of most value; analyze it and build upon that value. The secret to growing a business is the ability to trade what you have of value for something that you need. Many small business owners place limitations on themselves.  During the course of growing a business they discover that … [Read more...]

Host a business networking event…..

If you have attended a networking function you are one of the many “networking zombies” who wander around handing out and collecting business cards.  Everyone is there to get business, but it is highly unlikely that a deal can be made at a networking function. Most people in attendance don’t know you well enough to conduct business with you. I keep mentioning the need for a trust relationship before a “deal” can be made. When have you had a chance to build that trust relationship … [Read more...]

We all sell products and services and talk about the benefits they provide to anyone who will listen. As a buyer I have a lot of options when I am in need of a product or service; what, then, is the deciding factor in making my selection? “Story is the connective tissue that bonds people to a leader. Story is what makes people latch on to you, want to follow you and want to do business with you. Your authentic, powerful personal story is what makes people fall in love with you” says … [Read more...]

Deal with it……………

You may never know why bad things happen to a business, but giving up isn’t the answer. The thing to do is to deal with what you are given. Coming out of a “woe is me” pity party can be the start of a new wave of growth for a business. Instead of focusing on all the things that you lack to make your business a success, make a list of all the things you have. The next step is to develop a plan to grow your business with the tools you have. Buying into the concept that success can be … [Read more...]