It’s all about connecting to make things happen….

In his book “Tribes” Seth Godin described tribes as” a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” The Membership Economy fits that definition. It is a group of small business owners, connected to one another, connected to the idea of achieving profitability and sustainability, and connected under the leadership of a committed, trusted advisor. Tribes have to be compatible. They have to be centered around “faith” – belief in the … [Read more...]

Growing and idea is all about…Connections…Frequency….Understanding

I am sure that everyone has had at least one if not many “brilliant” ideas. Some of these ideas can be even more powerful than the story of APPLE. The difference is that no one know about them. For ideas to grow and possibly reach maturity, they require the following: Connection:  The more people you can share your idea with, the more influential it can become. In today’s world there are many avenues through which to share your idea. Certainly personal contact with your friends, … [Read more...]

Start a new business in the next 30 days………………

Somewhere in the depths of many minds is an idea for a new business. It has languished, perhaps for several years, without seeing the light of day. Occasionally the idea comes to the forefront, and we are filled with dreams of what could happen. Uncertainty enters our mind and once again excuses dominate our thoughts and the dreams fade back into oblivion. The idea comes back many times but never finds the “start button”. If such a dream exists in your mind, the best time to implement it … [Read more...]

Businesses fail because………….

There exists a gap in the world of small business, the gap between knowing what to do and doing it. I seldom meet a business owner who does not know what needs to be done to grow a business, and at the same time, I seldom meet a business owner that is doing what he knows needs to be done. An exercise challenge: Take at least an hour to think about your answers. Taking the time will be the most difficult part for completing this exercise. I recommend a quiet place without any … [Read more...]

Business bureaucracy at all levels…………

The term bureaucracy is most often associated with the Government. It has to do with the “red tape” that acts as a barrier to accomplishing a simple task. In today’s world we have become accustomed to expect delays in accomplishing even the most basic business request. Most calls are answered with the first instruction being “press one for English, press 2 for…” This message is usually followed by another series of questions which, with some luck and a lot of patience, may connect … [Read more...]

You can’t transform your business overnight….

Instant gratification is a trait that many small business owners have. When they buy a new service or product they expect positive instant results.  As a business owner I get phone calls, e-mails, and hard copy advertisements promising an instant solution to my problems. The majority of these promises have to do with unbelievable monetary results if I buy their offerings. Let’s face facts, most small business failures are due to a lack of profits. Notice, I said profits, not gross income. … [Read more...]