New class – human touch marketing in the digital world

  this session will be offered on Tuesday, September 6th 2016 at the Mesquite public Library from 6 to 7 pm there is no charge for this class, just come and learn. call Nick for questions: 602-989-1592 … [Read more...]

Doing whatever it takes…………

Growing a business is not an easy undertaking. There are many times when the task that needs to be done takes us out of our comfort zone. Until a business moves into its second “growth stage”, the business founder is still responsible and often the hands-on doer of everything that needs to be done. That may include some of the most terrifying requirements which include “in-person marketing”, another word for some form of “cold calling.” There are many reasons why we currently … [Read more...]

Sell something….Now….

For small businesses, this has to be their short term, long term and daily agenda, Sell Something Now! There is no-one else that is going to do that for you. Going to a networking meeting, or listening to a sales presentation from ad agencies or media salespeople is not going to solve your “lack of business” problem. In this blog I am going to recommend an “unorthodox” approach to growing your business. Spend the next six month on direct marketing. Most small business owners have … [Read more...]

From Follower to Client……..

As you’ve heard by now, social media can play a key role in anyone’s business. The platforms help establish and maintain relationships quickly and easily with prospects. Here are the five steps to ensuring those prospects become sales. Join a site and create a persona. Persona is key. Be an active member, but not an overactive member. Bombarding your prospects with your brand will cause distrust. Figure out which site is best for your prospect. Facebook is good for business-to-consumer … [Read more...]

Newsletter – Written and Mailed…..

Recently I met the wife of a doctor whose husband, last year, made a life-changing move. It was life changing for several reasons. First for him, he gave up being part of a highly successful partnership with lavish offices, nurses; PA’s and staff support, to open up his own practice. The second major change was the placing of his cell number on his business card and encouraging his patients to call him. He truly has become an old-fashioned doctor, practicing up-to-date medical care and at … [Read more...]

Target-Centered Marketing Approach

A Target-Centered Marketing Approach fulfills most of the marketing a business needs.  It helps retain your current customers; it’s a method of offering additional services to an existing base; it manages your image, helps create a controlled profitable growth and it helps attract desirable new clients. A business’s primary function is to sense, serve, and satisfy the needs of its clients. Target-Centered Marketing is essentially a relationship development process. A few things to … [Read more...]