You are nobody until………

You are nobody until someone else says you are somebody. We always have to tout our own merits and we do that through social media, our printed material and our own websites. While this is an essential part of an overall marketing program, real credibility is established when others talk or write about your skills and successful results. Let’s define what is meant by others talking or writing about you. It has to be more than “I endorse “Joe” for his management skills. It has to … [Read more...]

Our National Day O Freedom

Our independence is really our “National Day of Freedom” for we survived for well over 200 years as the greatest Nation on Earth. Unfortunately much of our focus and that of the media is where we can go, what we can do, and what can we eat. And, yes, where we can go shopping. Instant gratification has become such a way of life that as long as we are personally satisfied, “who cares.” God has blessed us and our nation to allow us to do these things. I believe it’s time to take a … [Read more...]

Never ask dor anything without ppaying a fair price………..

Business owners that are in need of something and try their best to obtain it at little or no cost are setting themselves up for a possible business failure. Be it a piece of office equipment, or a free mentor, or a free seminar on how to grow a successful business, or one of the  other business needs a small business owner “has to have.” By taking this tract in growing your business you are establishing, both to others and in your mind, that there is little value in what you do. If you … [Read more...]

A Lasting Impression…………

When you meet someone in person, send an e-mail, post on social media, leave a business card or a brochure; the goal is to leave a lasting impression. If you did not accomplish that, then you may have wasted your time, effort and money. I shared several weeks ago about a client that was so very proud of his networking prowess. He had four shoe boxes full of business cards that he had collected in the past several years. Not one of those cards was held back and placed in a special place. … [Read more...]

Doubt kills success…..

From the person who has a dream for a new business to the established business owner who has an idea for a new product/service, there exists a silent killer named “doubt.” The goal in all businesses is to move forward; doubt hinders plan development and the decision making process. Doubt is created by many factors including: Self-doubt: can I really do this? Guilty feeling about trying something new. Fear of failure, will it really work? What will my friends and family … [Read more...]

A thousand stories….a thousand dreams….

Each of us has a story to share; it may be the story that we see through rose colored  glasses, one that does not really tell who we are and why we exist.  Is the story being told to impress the listener, to make you feel more important in your own mind? Someone once said that if we make ourselves more important through our stories, our listeners may want to associate with us, become “friends”, perhaps even buy our products or services. If we share our story enough times, someone will … [Read more...]