StrategicDuck supports your personal and business growth with a variety of resources, including this library of books, written by Nick Petra and published by Pinetop Publishing:

The Be Prepared Book, Seven Weeks to Increased Profits, Turn $1.00 Into ThousandsA Proven System – Building a Personal System and How to Build a Business Support Budget

From personal to business finance, general business topics and marketing, we help you transform your business into a well operating system for building of increased cash flow and market share.

Whether you get these books for yourself or as gifts, just remember – it is an investment in your future!

  • The Be Prepared Book

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    This is a unique resource system and tool for documenting your personal data, life plans, home and family files and many important details of your life and future. This systems serves as a central library for storing and updating your most important information and documents, such as: financials, personal data, investments, accounts, retirement, credit cards, wills, health care, and so much more information. This is a ‘must-have’ binder and cd set for maintaining your life-long information.

  • Seven Weeks to Increased Profits

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    In this intensive seven-week program, you learn the key elements and disciplines it takes to work on your business and transform it into a high performing operation. In this book you focus on daily activities of planning and actively building a solid foundation for growing and transforming your business and its profitability.

  • Turn $1.00 Into Thousands

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    20 weeks to building wealth – a perfect start on your entrepreneurial journey. Step out of your comfort zone and discover how you can learn to grow your wealth… one dollar at a time.

  • A Proven System - Building a Personal Budget

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    In this book and cd set, you are guided in preparing, analyzing and setting budgets for your life. This system helps you determine your current expenses, guides you in analyzing your essential needs, helps you define your dreams and goals – and helps you tie it all together for a more secure future. Learn to build a realistic budget and one that is aligned with your goals and lifestyle. Everyone needs a personal budget.

  • How to Build a Business Support System

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    Everyone needs a support system in life and business. In this book, you find step-by-step tools and activities for developing your own support team in growing your business. Create a network of experienced leaders, establish business relationships, and develop new sources for business and increasing your bottom line.

Thank you for shopping with us – we appreciate you your business!

Nick Petra – Certified Financial Planner, Business Consultant and Coach

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