Strategic Focus Plan

strategic focus

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A Strategic Focus Plan is an intensive, detailed look at the best way to grow your business, a guide for the future. It is a guided process during which you provide your expertise and knowledge. It is highly unlikely, that any outsider will know more about your business, market and industry than the business owner and management team.

Our job is to ask the right questions, listen carefully, encourage discussion and then put it all together in an easy-to-implement plan. The result is a plan of which you have ownership and an easy way to measure progress.

A Strategic Focus Plan has to be dynamic. With change being the only constant in the business world, reviews are essential to respond to market conditions. The plan has to have flexibility; thus, quarterly or semi-annual reviews are necessary.

The most important feature about a Strategic Focus Plan is that it is action oriented. The basic purpose of planning is to decide what to do and then do it.

A Strategic Focus Plan incorporates the values held by the owner into the whole company plan.

The process is defined after a meeting with the business owner; then a time and place is set to develop the Strategic Focus Plan.  There is no cost in an initial meeting; it’s an opportunity for the business owners to share the company story and to discuss the benefits of having a value based Strategic Focus Plan for their company.

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