Marketing for Small Business & Startups


Refresher rules:

  • Stay grounded: This requires one to maintain a level of calmness, regardless of the challenges that come along.
  • Always work on growth: Always focus on what could be possible for your business rather than dwelling on what happen yesterday, setbacks, and obstacles.
  • Nourish your strengths: Each of us have a unique offering to make to our customers. Always present what makes you different from your competition.
  • The Heart is part of your strength: Your heart has everything to do with your business. When you practice self-love, are confident in yourself, and put your heart into your work, everyone will notice the difference.
  • Speak the truth: Speaking your truth means authentically expressing what you know is true for you, not only in business but also in life.
  • Share your vision: Your vision is the foundation of your BizQuack Vision Based Business plan; don’t hide it under a basket. Share it with everyone.
  • Live your purpose: Live by your own values, you don’t have to live like or do what anyone else does or thinks.
  • Build a community: A community shares its identity. It’s shared passion! It’s people who care about each other. It’s about sharing experiences and building long lasting relationships.

Simple rules that all of us know, but don’t always put into practice.

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